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The NXTcomm08 Show Floor Showcases Four New Product Zones

  • Broadband Wireless World
  • IPTV/Content Studio
  • Green Village
  • OSS/BSS Corridor

View the Show Floor Visual  

Broadband Wireless World (BWW)

Hosted by Heavy Reading, Broadband Wireless World is co-locating with NXTcomm08 and includes an exhibit pavilion considered to be the ultimate destination in displaying all broadband wireless access technologies.
In addition to showcasing over 60 vendors specializing in wireless technologies and mobile broadband solutions, the pavilion features a two-day conference led by Heavy Reading’s top mobile industry analysts, Patrick Donegan and Gabriel Brown.
Broadband Wireless World boasts a 10-year history delivering quality information to leading service providers including mobile operators, ISPs, wireline carriers, utilities and municipalities. Focused on the evolution of the Broadband Wireless market from 3G to 4G and co-located with NXTcomm, the largest telecom exhibition and conference in the United States, Broadband Wireless World provides an up-to-the-minute update on the transition of the U.S telecom services market from one of narrowband wireless services and fixed broadband services to one of broadband wireless services that in some business models complement wireline networks; in other cases, competes with them.

Clearly, the wireless destination on the NXTcomm tradeshow floor is the Broadband Wireless World exhibit pavilion. Centered on the 3G and 4G broadband wireless service visions of the major cellular carriers and their supporting ecosystems, the Broadband Wireless World Conference delivers a unique exposure to the future of broadband wireless, illustrating the likely implications for service providers and network equipment vendors throughout the value chain.
The two-day conference will be led by Heavy Reading top mobile industry analysts discussing today's critical broadband wireless issues, including:
•    The transition to next-generation Evolved 3G, WiMax, and LTE networks
•    The impact of open-access business models on mobile Internet applications
•    The next steps resulting from the FCC 700 MHz spectrum auction
•    Flat all-IP wireless network architectures optimized for mobile broadband
•    Reducing transport costs in the backhaul network

Global C-level executives will be here along with presidents, managers, VPs, engineers and directors, representing service providers, carriers, enterprises and communications vendors. No doubt, all parts of the communications industry ecosystem will find value in Broadband Wireless World.

Broadband Wireless World at NXTcomm is produced by Heavy Reading – the world's leading publishing and live events company focused on service providers.

IPTV/Content Studio


IPTV was the most requested keyword selection on the NXTcomm web site in 2007, giving further credibility to the dominance NXTcomm holds within the IPTV community in 2008. According to NXTcomm’s buyer summaries, more than 3,600 NXTcomm visitors identified IPTV as their product interest of choice.

Not much has changed since then, as IPTV continues to transform traditional telecoms from market dominators into simply other competitors trying to grab a piece of the IPTV pie. 

The Yankee Group projects more than nine million households in the United States alone will subscribe to a non-satellite or cable subscription video service by 2011. The share-shifting taking place is significant, affecting the cable, telecoms and satellite companies as well as others in the industry.

IPTV changes the way applications are developed and utilized, forever changing the world of television, telecoms and the Internet as we know it. Telecoms and cable companies are evolving into more proactive, agile organizations as they scramble to meet consumer demands.

The recent writer’s strike confirms how seriously Hollywood is taking the development of online video. The explosive growth in IPTV suggests this emerging technology has the kinks worked out, but experts in the field tell us this is a naïve if not short-sighted view. Both the hardware and software needed for broadcasting IPTV are in very beginning stages. IPTV is referred to as “the hotbed of communications innovation.” Be sure to visit the IPTV/Content Studio and find out why.

And if you’re interested in meeting content or service providers, wireless, wireline, LEC or Internet service providers, the IPTV/Content Studio is also the place to be. This is where you’ll see the value in emerging technologies, gain insight from the professionals and companies leading the content revolution and gain the information and perspective you need to develop your own strategic insights in the content arena.

Listen to the opportunities as leading innovators describe and discuss them; learn what companies are doing to take advantage of new products and technologies; get an edge on “what’s working” and “what’s selling” and learn how industry executives are positioning their companies to take advantage of new and growing resources.

Strategic insights can’t be overstated when it comes to content creation, licensing, mobile applications, digital-cinema and cross-platform applications. Those who know how to use mobile technology and the Internet to introduce a brand, create an audience and generate revenue will be the winners in the high-stakes, lucrative area of content creation and technology. Visit the IPTV/Content Studio and take advantage of the information and edge you need to be truly competitive. Learn more about the technologies in place right now, get the read on what’s hot and what’s not, the companies involved in serious testing stages and the solutions being offered. It promises to be a hub of activity for the duration of the show.

Green Village


We all know green initiatives benefit the environment. Did you know they also benefit your bottom line? More and more, consumers are doing their own research to learn how high the companies they do business with rate on the “green scale.” The more environmentally-sensitive you and your company are, the more likely your customers will stay with you, and a higher number of prospective customers will join you. 

You’ll also learn in the Green Village that going Green can actually save you money, and help boost your bottom line. 

Green solutions start with conservation, and continue with a focus in every part of your business, identifying inefficient areas and determining the best strategy to use less energy and protect your equipment. You’ll find practical, low cost solutions and advice from experts in the industry covering a variety of issues, from power systems, storage and lighting to utilizing energy efficient technologies in connection with security and fire-suppression systems, cooling and infrastructure equipment. 

Many enterprises are unaware of the costs associated with increased power deployment. The Green Village illustrates the technologies new to the market that reduce waste and increase energy efficiencies. The next several years will bring a continued focus in this area, due to the environmental movement as well as increased energy costs. You’ll find vendors with data illustrating energy consumption trends and real-life strategies to become more Green. If you haven’t been given the mandate to go Green, take it up now, after visiting the Green Village.

OSS/BSS Corridor

This is the premiere destination for communications operators looking for software and services solutions for their business and operations support systems.

Everyone in the global communications industry has some level of Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS). It's no secret, it's not the most exciting aspects of the industry, and is often considered the "back room" of many companies.

This doesn't change the fact that what OSS/BSS does, including billing, customer support and surveys, service assurance, fulfillment and network management is critically important. These systems have taken on a crucial and growing role as organizations strive to improve the customer experience. Greater efficiencies are demanded from management in an effort to save money, retain customers and improve the bottom line.

This in turn has led to tremendous growth in the service offerings from OSS/BSS providers, generating revenues significantly larger than in years past whole contributing to overall savings for a larger portion of the companies they serve.  


View a map of these pavilions on the show floor.  


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